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Tuesday, 1 March 2011 @ 13:14

Suddenly i feel touched
when i woke up very morning
i dont how i am feel
why do i feel touched
am i touched myself?
ohh how fuck it that it!
i keep getting the same dream in my sleepless night
keep saw the same thing
and i just keep thinking
does that possible to occur in the reality of life
ohhh dut, pain nested in the deep heart
suddenly i feel woriness for it to occur
am i ready to grab the moment alone by myself
i just think that i cant
keep remember the same old story
cant you go away from my head pain!
arggghhh its just stuck upon my brain
dont wanna ever press out
how came i would ready for the new era
keep getting older by day after day
minds become to adolescents
bring the sad same old story
to adolescent type
keep blaming ourself about the past life
can you imagine it?

with love,
Amirul Kamarul