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Monday, 28 February 2011 @ 14:25

Can you ever tell me the pain that bind through my eyes
Fell worthless when its shining over the light
It takes a thousands of miles to see through th retina
and it makes me wonder by myself
Im strictly alone and loner
Beyond Of what ive been doing is just what im been pretending to be
its was easy and rarely different from me as im the original
But its what i want to be
This what i feel for
if breaking the piece of glass can make me smile
then go on go smash the piece of glases so that i can smile a wild
Can you really tell me how does pain looks like
I cant ever imagine it and cant ever draw it with my own bare hand
even i think harder than i am even more harder than my thinking
its just imposibble truth feeling that i can feel and i cant imagine
Its just a feeling that bind inside the heart myself
Merely i just thinking about it and does it have any answer
i feel the pain when i was a younger one
it doesnt seem so bad
but i think its whore than i ever thought
it was a nightmare that can pull me many of years
nightmares with everyday seal within my dream and reality
unfold and desynchronize by itself
i just cant feel pity to myself
how is that mean to me or to the others
feel concern about myself
i think its just pretending to be so
being truthfull is what all people asking for
but their self cant afford to do it
whats that meant to be truth
is there any answer being truthfull is good or bad
its was a long way see through
we just afraid for it
we cant ever know when its comes to us
its just imposibble to know beyond of our imagination
that is a dead
i cant ever known when the times come for me to go
even the younger cant be dead with the very young ages
its posibble for me to be dead by the dawn tomorrow
the sorrority i cant ever imagine
its just bind into my head
and stuck wont come out fly away
in every way i must prepare for myself
it wont take any much longer before the times comes
were never know it better think over it...