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A very happy birthday to my dearly
Saturday, 12 June 2010 @ 09:13

Happy birthday hunny!!!
its your 18teen birthday todayy.. :)
hopes so can meet you and give you a liltle present.
but..you so far away.
i want to give you
a hug,
a kisses,
holing your hands tightly,
make a wish for you,
hear your wishes,
and wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
i can't do anything bout it.
i just can say "Happy Birthday" for you
and give u some poetry that i made myself

Here are the poetry that i sent to you through message:

A Birthday Poem

I thought of getting you a ring
To make your finger shine.

I thought of getting you a clock
That sang a pretty chime.

I thought of getting you a diary
To hold your closest thoughts.

I thought of getting you some gems
Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

I thought of getting you a bag
To carry your prized possessions.

I thought of getting you a book
Of wisdom and life lessons.

I thought of getting you a movie
That would finally get you scared.

I thought of almost a millions things
But they didn’t quite say I cared.

Then I had one final thought,
And thought it was quite nice;
A simple, “Thankyou hunny for all you’ve done”
and “I love you hunny!” and a very HAPPY BITHDAY
that should suffice. :)


More than just a Happy Day

Happy birthday means
more than just have a happy day

Within those words
like lots of things i never
had the chance to say

Now i'll tell you
that you are very special
and im so proud to be a part of you

Most of all
i feel it mean
im thinking of you and
your hapiness on this special day.

Hope go will bless you in every way.


Together we...

From now till the day
your birthday at bay
i wll write u a poem
from my hear
as still as i say
i hope we never apart.
together we still forever.
insyallah.. ;))

Here some video i would like to share with: Enjoy!