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A quoet for all
Monday, 7 June 2010 @ 04:21

what a suck day.. :|

In Time

time all things will fade,
Everything every game played,
All will fade and wash away,
Never to come back another day.

In time all wounds heal,
Everyone will learn to steal,
The rich will be poor,
The earth will be cool to it's core.

In time they all will come,
Everyone to teach and learn from,
The child smarter and wiser,
And the old with alzheimers.

In time I will know what speak,
Look at you and be strong instead of weak,
In time you too will,
Love me as I love you still.


Where we met world away

there's something about you.
something magical.
an effect that leaves me hanging on the edge of my goosebumps every single time.

the moonlight dawns through the window as you kiss the top of my head and run the tip of your nose along the pale lines of my neck. i am safe here, in your grasp. my lips touch the tattoos on your arm for a brief moment and you pull me in tighter, letting me know that this is where i should have been long ago.

i've tripped into you with skinned knees and rashed hands.
but i am nowhere near picking myself up off the ground.